Our Methodology

Before, during, and after a project, our clients' interests are always a primary concern. We provide the trusted knowledge, guidance, and leadership as to create an environment where the owner, architect, contractor, and trades collaborate as equals. We keep the lines of communication open, emphasize preplanning, and enforce proven installation practices.

We are passionate from beginning to end about achieving the ultimate result - creating a building of the highest quality that the entire team is proud to have been a part of and enjoyed every part of the process along the way.


No two projects are alike. Early involvement and understanding the owner's needs are critical to the team’s success. As an owner advocate, we scrutinize every aspect of the project to ensure the best value and specialized service is available to meet the unique goals of each client. Manshield provides accurate and valuable information to all clients so they can make informed decisions regarding their project before construction begins, ultimately saving time and money.


Manshield’s unique services and unmatched expertise often overshadow what we do — which is build buildings.

Great people and proven processes are the two keys to a successful construction project. Our people always have been and always will be our most valuable resource. Every employee at Manshield have their own unique combination of talent and experience and we implement proven processes and procedures that ensure each project is built safely, mitigate project risks, protect our owner’s budget, and deliver a high-quality product.

Integrated Project Delivery: 

The IPD process contemplates many essential principles, which we have used on many projects.

Those principles include:

  • Mutual Respect and Mutual Benefit.
  • Early Goal Definition and Enhanced Communication.
  • High Performance and Leadership.

We are promoting the early participation of key team members to the process. Our team analyzes and provides recommendations based on an equitable balance between risk and reward. We develop fair and balanced compensation structures for any design-assist partners that rewards “best for project” behaviors and manage cost risk accordingly. We believe that responsibilities within the team must be clearly defined but that teamwork, open communication and managed risk taking are fundamental attributes.

Critical to this process as a member of the IPD team is to provide the relative costing of the various strategies being considered and obtain input from various suppliers, design assist contractors and other trade contractor input on viable strategies for the project.

The IPD methodology thrives on a team working together in an environment built on trust in each other’s abilities and contributions to the project goals. We believe in this process, as many projects face significant design, schedule and budget challenges, and we believe that the final result of projects can successfully meet the challenges and are a testament to the success of the project team working together under the IPD approach.

The IPD delivery method is preferred when faced with projects which have challenging occupancy dates, specific and perhaps limited budgets, and limited progress on final design plans. Manshield has successfully completed many projects utilizing this delivery method.

The IPD process integrates our knowledgeable estimating department, informs owners of the projected building costs while keeping the budget in focus. We work with the owner and the design teams to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions without compromising the building performance.


Delivering a successful sustainable project requires a commitment. Sustainable construction goes far beyond analyzing and following construction documents. Our construction experts can assist you in balancing the immediate costs of sustainable construction with the long-term operational paybacks. We can create a cost-benefit analysis that will help determine both sustainable and realistic goals for your project. Commitment and collaboration are the keys to success.

The majority of Manshield’s operational staff are Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals. Our knowledge and skills in sustainable building practices will help you make decisions that are sustainable, practical, and effective.


You can expect methodical and efficient closeout and commissioning of your project. We pride ourselves on closing out projects and taking them across the finish line with the same effort and intensity we put into starting your project. Rest assured, we are local and here to stay. That means we don’t move staff off the project before it’s complete, we hold all subs accountable to the final punch list, and we have dedicated staff to handle warranty issues if they arise. We will get all necessary documents turned over on time and if you have any issues whatsoever, we’ll be there.

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