Benefits of Dealing with Manshield

Preconstruction Benefits

  • Achieve the best overall design value with added constructability expertise
  • Provide accurate pricing so the project team can make well-informed decisions
  • Achieve the lowest as-built price
  • Ensure a coordinated, buildable set of construction documents

Construction Benefits

  • Open-book, transparent budget approach allows owners to know exactly where dollars are being spent at all times
  • Scheduling expertise will keep all team members informed and eliminate surprises
  • The highest quality standard will be delivered from the foundation down to the last finish detail

Sustainability Benefits

Reduce operation and maintenance costs of the building or structure to people and the environment

  • Achieve a higher return on investment
  • Eliminate waste and implement recycling programs
  • Minimize harmful effects

Closeout Benefits

  • We will not slow down or lose focus until the end user is moved in and satisfied
  • All closeout documentation are turned over electronically
  • Warranty issues are responded to quickly and efficiently


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